Kelowna RV Rental Consignment


Our Current Consignment Demand

Based on our current fleet and expected demand, the following is our current interest for each type of RV.
RVs must be newer than 2015 (completely refurbished units may be considered)

  • Campervans

    Demand - Very High

  • Adventure Vans / Van Conversions

    Demand - Very High

  • Small Motorhomes (Under 24')

    Demand - High

  • Mid Sized Motorhomes (24' to 27')

    Demand - Very High

  • Large Motorhomes (Over 27')

    Demand - High

  • Tent Trailer

    Demand - Low

  • R-Pod Trailers

    Demand - High

  • SUV Towable Trailers

    Demand - None (Fleet is Full)

  • Travel Trailers (All Sizes)

    Demand - None (Fleet is Full)

  • Motorcycle Camping Trailers

    Demand - High

Rent Your RV Completely Hassle Free

Do you own an RV that sits unused for most of the year?

Have you ever considered renting it out through Outdoorsy or RVezy but you don’t want the hassle of taking reservations, spending time to meet people for pickups and returns or cleaning the unit for the next renter. Or perhaps you’re concerned your RV will be damaged while it’s being rented.

None of those issues need to prevent you from earning money when you’re not using it.

Renting out your RV with RVR Kelowna could earn you thousands every year. Perfect for people that like to camp with their RV a couple times a year.

And you would still have the freedom to take your RV camping when it’s available.

Other perks to joining the RV Rental Consignment program:

  • Free secured storage during the rental season
  • RV is thoroughly cleaned and maintained after each rental at no cost to you
  • Damages during a rental are fixed like new at no cost to you

If you own an RV, or are looking to buy one, consider putting your unit in the RVR Kelowna fleet where it’ll be cared for while earning you money.

If your RV is in great condition and you want to start earning money with your RV, visit our website at or call us toll free at 1-844-760-0004.

See what others have made from their consignments

The owners of these RV units earned their income completely passively.

Small Motorhome

Years - 2021 & 2022


Total Earnings - Approx. $16,000

Large Motorhome

Years - 2022 (joined the fleet partway into the season)


Total Earnings - Approx. $10,000


Years - 2021 & 2022


Total Earnings - Approx. $25,000

RVR Kelowna's Responsibilities

  • Communicate with prospective renters
  • Meet with renters (pickup and dropoff)
  • Clean the RV
  • Perform general maintenance and repairs
  • Upkeep of the RV (oil changes, etc)
  • Handle all issues/disputes during & after the rental
  • Replace broken items & repairs
  • Storage of your RV during the season

Consignee's Responsibilities

  • Insurance
  • Major repairs (standard wear and tear)
  • Enjoying your passive income

Shared Responsibilities

  • Tire Replacement
  • Oil Changes
What is the rental consignment commission?

Rental revenues are split 50/50.

Money collected for damages, penalties, tickets, and fines are excluded from commissions.

0% from revenues for add-ons (e.g. camping chairs, BBQs, etc)

What if I want to use my RV?

You absolutely can! Whenever your unit is available, you just contact us to book out your unit with 48 hours notice and we'll make sure it's ready for you.

The only blackout dates where we require all units to be available for rent is the August long weekend.

How often are payments sent?

Payments are sent monthly. The amount is calculated based on return date of a unit. i.e. an RV is rented from July 28th to August 2nd then the payment will be calculated for August.

Is off-season storage available?

Yes, we offer discounted rates for storage in the off season for all consignees.

Is there a minimum contract?

Contracts are on a season-by-season basis.

Apply to Join Our RV Rental Consignment Program

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