RV Trip Concierge Service

Ultimate Grab and Go, Drop and Go Rental Experience

Your time is valuable. Allow us to plan, arrange, and prepare for your trip. When you get back, we'll take care of the cleaning, refueling and bedding laundry.

Utilize our experience and knowledge to book at reputable campgrounds that you'll love. We'll also provide you with a list of attractions, sights and activities that are relevant to you.

Here's What Our Concierge Package Includes:

And the savings to you...

Create a Customized Itinerary $200 4+ Hours
Book Your Campsites $150 3 Hours
Suggested Attractions & Activities List $100 2 Hours
Receive and Pack Your Food into the RV $50 1 Hour
Home / Airport Delivery & Onsite Orientation $100 1 Hour
2 Comfort Kits (all bedding & towels) & Laundry $120 1 Hour
4 Camping Chairs $20 N/A
BBQ & 2 Propane Bottles $55 N/A
150km/day Mileage Included * N/A
Empty Septic & Wastewater Tanks $50 1 Hour
Refill Propane and Fuel $50 1 Hour
Clean RV Upon Return $100 2 Hours
Total $995 Est. 16 Hours
*All our rentals include 150km/day - Most competitors charge you for every km driven

How Does the Service Work?

And how to get started...

  • Mar 1, 2020

    Purchase the Concierge Package

    Pay for the package below or as an add-on when you rent an RV.

  • Mar 1, 2020

    Complete Questionnaire

    Tell us about the trip you'd like to take: what places you'd like to visit; where you'd like to go; attractions you'd like to see; etc

  • Mar 1, 2020

    Prepare Your Itinerary

    We'll put your trip together including where you'll stay on what days as well as which days you'll take in the sights or attractions.

  • Mar 1, 2020

    Review/Approve Itinerary

    You review the itinerary to ensure it fits what you envisioned for the trip.

  • Mar 1, 2020

    We Complete Arrangements

    Once everything is approved we'll call all the campgrounds and attractions on your behalf to complete all reservations.

  • Mar 1, 2020

    Grab and Go

    We meet you anywhere in Kelowna (our office, your home, the airport), perform an orientation of the RV, then you're ready to leave for your trip.

  • Mar 1, 2020

    Drop and Go

    Upon returning, we'll pick up the RV anywhere in Kelowna then fill up the fuel and propane, clean the motorhome and empty the spetic and wastewater tanks for you.

Items of Note

Notes: Cost of food, fuel, propane and campsites not included in price.

A cleaning fee will be applied for exceptionally muddy or dirty RVs.

Up to 3 weeks. Additional fees may apply for longer trips.

Cost of fuel and propane is not included. We will fill them up on your behalf then reduce your deposit refund by the cost. A receipt will be provided upon request.

Once you've approved the itinerary, we'll get your credit card details and make all necessary reservations on your behalf.

Order a Concierge Package

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